a restoration project


 Restoration: the big project (1)

 In this part of the website you can follow the restoration of our armoured car in detail. Photos of the work in progress can be seen here in chronological order, starting with the latest.

16 august 2015

This summer beeing busy making and installing the missing armour , putting in the the doors, headlights.The wirring in the turret,and pouring rubber for the spyglasses.






6 april 2015

The last few month,s done a lot of small things witch took more time then planed.

Placed the hood, the grill ,the lamphousing,lasered the material for the rear mudguards and installed the tower 3 weeks ago.


here a few films on installing the tower: 




23 november 2014

Today installed the frontcover,placed the windows.glued the tower gasket and messured the mudguard size for the new to make ones .



22 august 2014

After 3 months an new update.

Diverend jobs done.

dashbord space closed , floor plates placed , elektronics in the rear installed, made new towhooks, drilled a hole for the taillight .


18 may 2014

Today we finaly installed the body back.

       films 1  2  3


18 april 2014

After a long time of quietness on the site,finali some progres. We had a lot of setbacks in getting the new brakes to work.

All the brake shoes ar now sentered with a brake professor.


31 march 2013

Return off the body after being sandblasted and coated with primer.

3 march 2013

Clik on the link for clip off the first test drive

16 februari 2013

A new clutch pedal made. The fastening holders for the hood. Replaced a bad part from the tower ring. The body striped for sandblasting. The repro instruction plates have arived.


7 oktober 2012

The rear deck is complete,after a lot of welding and grinding. The body is now stalled inside for working dry and warm.

The mudguards are removed for space and easy working.



12 augustus 2012

Further chainges don for the front machinegun position . the build up for the rear roof and machine gun.


26 mei 2012

The engine is now running well after some setbacks. So this part is as good as ready. We are finnished with cutting the machine gun coax to the right size . It now turns out that we have also have to rebuild  the front machingun deckplate to the Dutch specs.



6 februari 2012

The gearbox and engine are put in place.


18 januari 2012

The gearbox has been put together again



8 januari 2012

After a patient wait we received a welkome new product, with thanks to a good friend.

The newly made gears for the gearbox are ready . Also the second heat shield is ready and put in place, and 2 direction indicators are restored.

The first test model of the steeringwheel is also finished .



25 november

Repair of the headlight housing,sandblasted and coated doors. The old and new wiring inside front to back  and rear.

Making the new heatshield for the mufflers. Cleaning and painting of the machine gun housing



 1 may


Restoration of the toolbox and heatshields ,and battery holders.


 August 29 2010

 The closing and replacing off the fueltank.


 26 juli

 The radiator is returned with a  new inner block and intake pipes.


 juli 2

 Restauration of the fueltank and radiator.


 april 17

 The chassis is being transported for an exebision at the crashmuseum 40-45 in Rijsenhout .


 march 31

 We are nicely going on with the dashboard. And also the new cable tubes are placed in the chassis.


 february 17

 The advancement of the wiring system.