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Production, orders, technical details and registrationmarks

In May 1937 Holland decided to purchase a to Dutch demands modified Landsverk L180, later called M38 armoured car (= pantserwagen Model 1938). The modifications were based on the experiences with the twelve in 1935 purchased Landsverk L181 or M36 armoured cars. Among them were the addition of a few periscopes on the back of the hull for the gunner-chauffeur. The 14 M38 armoured cars had to be delivered in april 1938. Two of them were destined to become command cars.

Landsverk L180

The orderboek for armoured cars (= pansarbilar) of the Landsverk factory shows that 14 Pansarbilar L180 were delivered to Rollo N.V., Den Haag, Artillerie-Inrichtingen with ordernumber 55200. Orders were also given by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lituania and Ireland.

The website of the factory gives us the somewhat different information shown down here (1 L180 is missing):

Datum Order LV-nr Beställare Ant. Gällande
1936     Haerens Tekniske Korps, Danmark 2st  
31.5.1937 55130   Polisförvaltningen i Tallin, Estland 1st pansarbil,
30.10.1937 55180   Irländska fristaten,
2 st pansarbilar,
£ 12.150,--
16.3.1938 55200 L-180 Artillerie-Inrichtingen, Zaandam.
3st pansarbil L-180, 300.750,- kronor
19.4 .1938 55200 L-180 Artillerie-Inrichtingen, Zaandam. Holland 6st pansarbil L-180, 600.000,-
11.6.1938 55200 L-180 Artillerie-Inrichtingen, Zaandam. Holland 4st pansarbil L-180, 400.000,-
19.11.1937 55270 L-180 Irländska fristaten.
6 st pansarbilar L-180, 765.000,-
28.9.1939 55340/41   N.V.Rollo, Den Haag.
12st pansartorn, typ L-180, 218.400,-
1939     Irländska fristaten.
5st beslagtogs, pb m/41

The in september 1939 delivered 12 Landsverk towers L180 were ordered for the use with the Dutch M39 armoured car with a by DAF constructed pantserhull. On May 10th 1940 only 8 of these M39 were actually at ther Calvalry Depot in The Hague and two of them did not yet have their canon.

Technical details of the Dutch version of the Landsverk L180 - M38 armoured car

Producer AB Landsverk, Landskrona, Sweden
Type Landsverk Pansarbil L180
Year of built 1938
Dutch name Pantserwagen M 38
Chassis & motor Büssing-NAG (German)
Number of cilinders V-8
Power / Revolutions 150 hp / 3000 rev. per min.
Total length 5,87 meter
Total width 2,24 meter
Total weight 7000 kg ( 7 ton)
Optics Nedinsco, Venlo
Arms 3 Lewis light machineguns M.20 (7.9 mm.) 1x 4 paw : Bofors 37mm gun
Ammunition brisant and pantserbrisantgrenades
Range of action 306 km
Maximum speed ca. 65 km/h forwards
ca. 40 km/h bachwards
Armour tower 9 mm, rest 5 mm thick
Details 2 stearing-gears en two drivers/chauffeurs
optical command signinstallation(electric)

Registrationmarks of the 2nd Armoured Car Squadron (2e E. Paw.)

The armoured cars should have the following registrationmarks:

  • vehicle number: in white above the radiator on the front, on both front doors/hatches, on the tower and on the back.
  • civil registration number: (only in the beginning) a combination of a letter for identification of the province (with 1e E. Paw the letter 'N' for Noord-Brabant, with 2e E. Paw. the 'L' for Utrecht) with a serial number.
  • military mark: a rectangle of ca. 12x20 cm wit red-white-blue diagonal stripes. In the white stripe in black the military registration number: for the cavalry that was III. On the front of the car above the light machine gun and on the back beneath the hatch for the chauffeur/gunner.
  • military registation number: since 1939, orange rectangles with the in 1938 introduced registration number in black.
  • platoon designation (?): on the left and right front of the tower small coloured triangles. Possibly to indicate the platoon.
  • nationality designation: since November 1939, a orange triangle with a black border, the sides no longer than 40 cm, on the doors/hatches, the bonnet and the front and back of the hull.
Marks on armoured cars of the 2nd Armoured Car Squadron (2e E. Paw.)
Civilian registration Vehiclenr. Military registration Vehicle/Car
L-36244 13 III-705 Paw. M.38
L-36245 14 III-706 Paw. M.38
L-36246 15 III-707 Paw. M.38
L-36247 16 III-708 Paw. M.38
L-36248 17 III-709 Paw. M.38
L-36249 18 III-710 Paw. M.38
L-36250 19 III-711 Paw. M.38
L-36251 20 III-712 Paw. M.38
L-36252 21 III-713 Paw. M.38
L-36253 22 III-714 Paw. M.38
L-36254 23 III-715 Paw. M.38
L-36255 24 III-716 Paw. M.38
L-36256 C2 III-717 Cdo. Paw. M.38