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Photo's 1938-1940: mobilisation , war and later

M38 command car C1 of 1 E. Paw.

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M38 command car - C1 (in white above radiator), N 48359, III-613 (in darker colour left of radiator) - used by the 1st Squadron Armoured Cars - 1 E. Paw.

In March 1938 Landsverk was ordered to produce two special command towers. Both were delivered in april 1939. The command car had to be given space for a map table. To create the necessary space the cannon and a light machinegun with all accessories had to be sacrificed. For a better allround view additionally a number of episcopes were made in the front of the tower.
A wooden cannon barrel was added to hide the fact that is was the command car. The command car C1 in this photo has already received its new command tower.

On the right of the car captain Popelier (6 Infantry Regiment) is standing (recognisable as an offcier by the Sam Browne belt and the three stars on the collar of his overcoat).

Same place (Breda), same armoured car, same officer (Popelier). He did not belong to the Armoured Car Squadron, but was just visiting.

The Armoured Car Squadrons (E. Paw.) only ever had three cavalry captains (ritmeesters):
  • H. Wilbrenninck (born 1895) since 1-4-1936 with 1 E. Paw.
  • J. L. Bruinier (born 1891) since 1-6-1938 with 2 E. Paw.
  • L.C. Cnopius (born 1900) on paper since 1-12-1938 untill 21-12-1938 with 2 E. Paw. (till 1-6-1938 as 1st luitenant with 1 E. Paw. and till 1-12-1938 with 2 E. Paw.), but not in action.

M38 command car C1  1E. Paw.

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M38 armoured car corporals 2 E. Paw.

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Posing with one of the weapons.

The M38 armoured car here has been fitted with its tracks on the side. The car has no registration marks whatsoever (could be nr. 13).

From left to right the corporals S. Pos, G. Vogel, F. W. Hollebrandse and H. van Dijk, all part of the 2 E. Paw.
According to army regulations in every armoured car a corporal had to be present. He was also the second in command of the car.

The Hague, Van Alkemadelaan - August 29th 1938

In honour of Queen Wilhelmina's 40 years reign the Armoured Car Squadrons parade for her Majesty.

In the photo you can see three armoured cars - L36249 en L36250 en L3625? or nrs. 18, 19 en ? - and a few motorcyclists of 2 E. Paw.

M38 pantserwagens van het 2e Eskadron defileren voor koningin Wilhelmina, augustus 1938.

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                                                                                                                  After the capitulation ,and in German use